What we do

Sourcing and Vetting Managers

Our manager selection process is primarily a by-product of our on-going business relationships and industry networks. Our vetting process is focused on qualifying managers quantitatively and qualitatively through a methodical approach to due diligence.

Portfolio Construction

FXE assists clients in constructing well-diversified multi-manager FX portfolios, with the investment goal of minimizing volatility (via diversification), while still maintaining the powerful alpha-generating potential this asset class offers. Our portfolio construction approach is designed to fit the unique risk profile of each client we serve. Disclaimer: Foreign exchange trading is risky. .

Monitoring of Risk

Upon client allocation, we practice discipline in monitoring managers to ensure they adhere to strict risk management guidelines previously agreed-upon. Through this ongoing analysis, we seek to uncover both tactical allocation opportunities and appropriate times for de-allocation due to statistical performance drift..